1. This piece titled “The Annunciation” was created between 1383 and 1435 BC in Florence. The creator was Masolino da Panicale. It is currently part of the Andrew W. Mellon Collection.
2. Kazuo Shinohara, Tanikawa House 3. Photo of Column by Xiaoyang Fang 4. The Mezquita of Córdoba5. The Annunciation, north corridor, Monastery of San Marco, ca. 1438-45
6. Tree, column and roof in Ktin, a sub-temple of Daitoku ji, Kyoto,Japan.-It was founded by Hosokawa Tadaoki
7. Shinohara, House in White, 1964-66, Tokyo 8. Freestanding, 2018. Lewerentz La Biennale di Venezia 2018
9. Céline Flagship Store, Valerio Olgiati 10. Alfiusdebux- “Nils-Udo. Turn of Rain, 1983”
11. Jørn Utzon - Can Lis, Mallorca, 1972 12. Shared house architecture yanomami tribe brazil 13. Harry Gruyaert, Magnum Photos
14. Oil Refineries #3 Oakville, Ontario, Ca5nada, 1999. photographer Edward Burtynsky

What can a Column be

Uncertainty Network Office

The columns are also tensioned cables and support rods. It is the wire connecting the top and bottom, and also the line separating the left and right. It is a tear that is torn left and right, and also a wrinkle that is squeezed on both sides. At the same time, dividing the frame into plots that stimulate confrontation or dialogue, also becomes the "boundary" of the connection of different spaces, suggesting collusion or conflict or reconciliation between elements. It is both a negligible line and a volume of material with a radius thickness. It is not only a background to provide a sense of repetitive order and hierarchy, but also the prospect of jumping out and even annoyingly acting as a foreign body. It can stimulate the numb body to feel the picture frame, line feet and grid, and it also encourages the lost eyes to pay attention to the distance before and after. Not only does it stretch out the zenith and imagination's high points, but it also points decisively and thickly to the interface with the ground and consciousness. It can be understood as a point-line polyhedron at the same time, and can also be interrupted by the extension and extension of the package; it also emphasizes gravity and weightlessness, and at the same time explains the centripetal and centrifugal feeling. It can be extremely materialized or extreme abstraction; therefore, all rod-shaped bodies can be the cues of pillars, and pillars can become many daily and symbolic metaphors. It can be sharp, smart, somber, naughty, sexual and violent, and spiritual and miracle.