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Office Building

Chicago, US, 2019

Tutor: Prof. Craig Borum, FAIA

Vault for Technology

By using the classical vault structure in the modern workspace, the ceiling shapes functional spaces and "false beam" spaces for HVAC pipes. The vaults make the HVAC can be read as a new part of the expressional structure and can also influence the interior programming.

Circulation as Structure

The pre-cast vault structure work as office, gallery and commercial space. Concrete core and staircase work as serving space and provide structural strength. On the plan and massing program, the vaults can be regarded as groups of vectors which can respond to urban context, the concrete core can be the geometry centers which connect all the vectors.

Structure as Sculpture

For those vaults with a large span and cannot support by the core, some vertical structures are necessary. But to distinguish with others, these vertical structure system in gallery space works more like sculptures and furniture than typical columns. Cause the vaults make the space is more all about horizontal direction, these unique structure elements can make people won’t see them as vertical system.

Furniture as Pattern of Structure

The structure system works with pre-cast concrete vault and steel cables, I extended this structure logic on the interior furniture.
Detailed Section Detailed Section

Interior Urban or
Urbanized Interior

We live in a completely urbanized world, where everything is interior. So our interest in the interior also implies accepting the fact that there has been a project for everything. Wilderness is gone. The moment you accept that you always work as an architect within a limited range. That is, you always design interiors, by definition.

Said by Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, who claims that all the architecture practice is right now interior design.

In this project, we can say the interior space is urbanized: The structural elements vaults positively respond to the Chicago context. Vaults' direction towards the main view of Chicago built environment and the parallel side protects the privacy by using metal screens and the double-skin curtain wall system.

Instead of separating the inside and outside, the building introduced urban scope to frame the programming indoor.